WHERE DID ALLIE BROOKE GO?! I disappeared for two years completely off of social media, living what felt like my dream life… to get a minimum wage job, go back to school, and live a quiet/hidden life. If you’re wondering what would ever compel a person to do that… please watch this video. I am not trying to be pushy about my beliefs, but am sharing what God has done to change my life. I spent so much time trying to figure things out on my own, interpret faith on my own, and attempting to be a good person… and none of that could save me.

If you’re wondering how my daughter is, I mention some updates on her and what to expect from this channel in the future.

Jesus has changed everything for us both and we have never been so filled with life despite all the crazy circumstances we have experienced in the last two years. Thank you so much for being a huge part of our story and being family to us these last several years. Let’s keep going and growing!

Love you Allie Brooke

Side note: I’m sorry this video is so long but I wanted to make sure to share everything context to help you understand just how far gone I was in different areas. There’s so much I couldn’t include in this video: the original video was over an hour long! But I’d love to cover more in-depth topics on my podcast. God isn’t scared of your questions, of your doubt, or even how maybe “church people” have hurt you or been hypocritical towards you before. Jesus was never like that- and still isn’t. Come to Him all who are weary, and I promise… He will give you rest.

Key words to help people find this video: Christian YouTuber, my testimony, faith, lukewarm, Jesus, freedom, teen mom, single mom testimony, no amount of money will fill that hole in your heart !!! Hehe okay I don’t know what else to put down here. You are loved, freedom is possible. Pray to GOD!! Okay byeeee