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Thousands(>30K!) of spiritual video-selfie testimonies 🙌showing that Jesus LIVES917539.8K188
Stories not heard in mainstream media7358153
Salvation through Sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth ✝Christian61419535
People sharing their Sleep Paralysis etc and how the overcame it3340
Well meant tips, home remedies etc.1023831
Arduino and other electronics projects info11322846
Stuff what turns out to be(come) reality5022316
Covid19💉 etc 59214752
DIY wind water energy projects2136
Moestuinieren etc5311723
SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) and related561477
The Default Community51113523
Personal feed by rtwin5113111
Meshtastic NL31167
Jezus LEEFT. Nederlandse getuigenissen 🙌5013745